ZipJob Vs. TopResume: Who Wins the Battle?

zipjob vs topresume
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What’s the first thing you need to do when you’re about to start applying for a new job? – You need to revamp your resume or write a new one from scratch.

What if you have no idea how to craft the perfect resume? – You hire a resume writing service.

It’s the good-old recipe for success. You hire a professional resume writer, you give them your information and your guidelines, and they provide a perfectly acceptable resume by your deadline. So you submit that resume and impress the potential employer. You get an interview and things develop in a great direction from there on.

Oh; wait! It’s not that simple, after all.

There are dozens of resume writing services across the web. Needless to say, they are not all the same. Some are absolutely outstanding, and others fail to meet your requirements.

When you start searching for the best resume writing services, you’ll inevitably come down to two big names in the industry: ZipJob and TopResume. There are other popular services, too. But these are the ones that get the most attention on the market.

So we simplify the dilemma by choosing between two major resume writing services. What’s the better one?
Let the battles begin!

ZipJob vs. TopResume: How It Works

Let’s see: what do these services do to enable you to get your resume? What’s the process?

1. Zip Job: 4 Steps

In the How It Works section of its website, ZipJob explains how the process goes:

  • First, you provide information. The simplest way to do that is to upload your old resume, since it already contains the most important details. If you don’t have an old resume, it’s okay. The order form allows you to add details. It’s a prepaid service, so you’ll provide your payment info before submitting the order form.
  • ZipJob will assign a professional resume writer to work on your resume. This will include writing, formatting, and inserting important keywords. You’ll be able to directly communicate with your writer through your personal profile at the website.
  • When the resume is done, the team will scan it through ATS (Applicant Tracking System). That proves that you’re getting an optimized resume that would get you notice through such a system, which most employers use nowadays.
  • You’ll be able to download your resume by the deadline. You get a 60-day interview guarantee if you chose a Fast track or Premium resume!

2. Top Resume: 3 Steps

  • You complete the order form. It’s weird, since the form only asks for payment information and only then you can start providing information. What if it turns out that you can’t provide the details you want to emphasize?
  • The service matches you with an expert writer. You’ll be able to directly contact them.
  • You get a resume crafted according to your instructions. You get the 60-day interview guarantee only for the more expensive packages.

Who Wins This Battle?

It has to be ZipJob. The order form is more detailed, and that’s important when you have specific instructions to provide. In addition, ZipJob checks the resumes through ATS before delivering them.

ZipJob vs. TopResume: Prices

You’re looking for a new job, and that usually means you’re on a tight budget. So the price makes a huge difference. Let’s see how these two services compare in that aspect.

1. ZipJob: Prices from $119

There are three main resume levels at, all of them with different prices:

  • Launch
  • Fast Track
  • Premium

With the Launch option, you get a professionally-written resume by an expert. It will be keyword optimized for ATS. You get direct communication with your writer and unlimited revisions. The deadline is 4-6 days.

The Fast Track package gives you all that plus a cover letter and 60-day interview guarantee.

The Premium package gives you everything the Fast Track package does, plus LinkedIn summary rewrite with keyword optimization, free future resume update for any position in your industry (this never expires), faster delivery, and one of the most experienced writers assigned to your order. The deadline is 3 days.

2. TopResume: Prices from $149 also gives you three main packages. But the names of the packages and their prices are different:

  • Professional Growth
  • Career Evolution
  • Executive Priority

The Professional Growth package gives you a professionally-written resume by an expert who knows your industry. It will be properly formatted and keyword optimized.

The Career Evolution package gives you all that, plus a 60-day interview guarantee and a cover letter.

The Executive Priority package offers everything the Career Evolution package does, plus an executive writer (top 10% of the TopResume network), and LinkedIn Makeover.

Who Wins This Battle?

As you can see, the packages offer the same things. The only difference is in the price. ZipJop is much more affordable, so it takes the win here.

ZipJob vs. TopResume: Samples

You’ll find samples on both these websites. That’s a good thing, since you can see what exactly you can expect. Let’s compare them, shall we?

1. ZipJob Samples

These samples are great, since they show you the resume that the candidate uploaded, and then they give you the resume the writers delivered for the customer. When you compare these two resumes, the difference is obvious.

The samples at are great because they highlight the major skills and maintain attention-grabbing format. It’s obvious that the writers included the right keywords without making the resume look artificial. Although the resumes are very detailed, they are still only 1-page long.

2. TopResume Samples

There’s no before/after comparison at this website, but you still get to see samples completed by the writing team. You can see samples in several categories. They are good, but most of them are too long. The sentences in these samples are lengthy and seem generic.

Who Wins This Battle?

TopResume’s samples are not bad, but ZipJob’s are definitely better. So it’s clear who takes the win here: delivers slightly better quality for its customers.

Who Takes the Win?

It’s not even close to a tie. Clearly, ZipJob delivers better quality for a more affordable price. That’s the major factor that makes people decide what service to hire.

Let’s be clear: not everyone will like the same resume writing service. Some of you might prefer TopResume. It’s important to evaluate all important factors from your own point of view, so you’ll end up hiring the agency that suits your needs.

Good luck with that job application!

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