How To Answer: Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You
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We all know what’s going on during an interview either because we’ve been through one before or we heard how it feels like from a friend, movies, or internet information. That’s why we all expect the well-known question “why should we hire you” or something similar that leads to the same answer.

This question is your chance to sell yourself, to prove your skills, experience, and your best traits. Therefore, you should take it very seriously and prepare your answer ahead, as most of the hiring managers you’ll face will give it a lot of importance.

But how do you prepare to properly answer this crucial question? Keep reading the post we prepared for you in order to find all your answers. But first, let’s see why we are asked this question in the first place.

Why do Recruiters Ask this Question?

Every recruiter wants to hire the best candidate no matter the importance of the position. Now, as most of the candidates who were summoned to the interview are already qualified for that job.

The freshly hired candidate always represents a risk for a company’s productivity, that’s why the chosen candidate is usually overqualified. As well, the interviewer’s reputation is at stake once he makes a hiring, according to the new employee performance.

So, the “why should we hire you answer” must be on point to assure him that you can be the right guy for the company’s needs. Otherwise, if you don’t know why somebody should hire you, how do you expect a stranger to know?

This is a convincing game where you must address all the reasons that will answer the question you should ask yourself first: “Why should you hire me?”

Bad Answers

Before you learn how to effectively answer this question, let’s first see some inappropriate why should we hire you answers:

  • I really need the money.
  • I need a job to support my family.
  • The location is convenient.
  • I’ve always wanted to work in this domain.

These aspects might be important to you, but such an answer won’t give you the job. The hiring manager wants to know why you think you’re better from the rest, not needier or poorer. You should make him feel that he needs you, not that he needs to pity you.

How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You”

Finally, we’re getting to the practical part where you’ll learn how to prepare yourself when the “why should I hire you” question pops up. Let’s see how you do it:

Highlight Your Best Traits

Throughout your answer, you will sell your best skills and traits. As one can possess a lot of skills, you should focus on your top three or four strengths that are relevant to the job, and make sure you mention the other ones at least once. It’s easier for one to keep in mind a few major traits and to be impressed by them if you present them properly rather than to memorize a whole list, right?

As well, make sure that when you talk about your chosen traits, you’re tailoring them according to the job description to highlight your importance. You should also mention your unique value proposition, your top trait that would offer them a great advantage to have you.

All your traits should include several matters like your experience, your technical and soft skills, your accomplishments, your awards, and also your education. That’s your opportunity to praise with your accomplishments to prove your competence.


Most candidates possess a lot of great skills and choosing between them might be harder than it seems. That’s why you should take a list and note down all your strengths, so you can visualize and then decide which are the most relevant according to the job description.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to help yourself brainstorm more efficiently:

  • What the company believes to be the most important skills and qualifications?
  • Which of these qualifications match me the best?
  • What traits and strengths make me stand out from the crowd?
  • What are the most impressive accomplishments to praise with?

Structure Your Selling Pitch

Answering this question is like a selling pitch. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose your words wisely and to structure the speech perfectly, as any sales manager would do. Make sure you don’t jump from an idea to another because your speech must flow as smooth as for the listener to pay full attention.

As well, make sure you’re not too modest and not too boastful. Nobody likes that type of people. Keep it simple as what you’re talking about are just facts.

Now, organize your chosen strengths in a manner that will lead to a final point. At each point, note some important things to mention and do not write a monologue to memorize as you’ll risk to stuck in the middle of a sentence and ruin your speech.

Your answer shouldn’t bore the employer, so you’d better keep it short and on point. On average, it shouldn’t take you longer than 2 minutes to sell yourself. If you do your homework ahead, this shouldn’t represent a problem for you.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you established your speech outline and you’re feeling confident about it, it’s time to practice. Otherwise, it will be like going unprepared at a musical audition. Once again, memorizing is not a solution.

Most people who struggle to memorize something look very wry and stressed out, not the look that an employer wants to see on you. Not to mention that you’ll sound like a broken robot who’s struggling to remember a specific word.

Take your outline with you in front of a mirror and start practicing your speech. See what wording sounds professional, try to keep a professional posture when you do, let the words flow, and perhaps time yourself.

If you want to look like a professional when you take the word, you must practice until you’re fully confident in your knowledge and communication skills. Just keep in mind that your answer is supposed to be original, so don’t try to rephrase your words while you practice.

Moreover, it’s not only the pitch you must practice, but also your attitude when you’re speaking. Try to show that your confident about your strengths and a bit enthusiast that you have the chance to prove yourself.

Any employer likes and wants to see candidates who are bold and know what they want in life. If you’re low on self-esteem, make sure you remember yourself what your worth is and don’t let them smell any weakness in you.


Be true to yourself, don’t try to squeeze a lie every now and then just to impress more. Trust your instincts and your traits and that’s all you need to succeed. Hiring managers are also humans, so you can count on their human side and try to make your speech a little less common. Leave your mark on it.

As well, some skills you possess are because your nature as an introvert or extrovert leverages you towards them. So, if you want to have a long co-working relationship, let them meet the true you, no matter what!

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