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Quality 3.8
Prices 4.0
Discounts/Features 4.0
Customer Support 2.8
Delivery 5.1


  • Awful quality of papers
  • Waited for response for 4 days
  • No free revisions

When we first accessed, we were impressed with how well-organized their webpage is. You can easily find everything that you are looking for and get the information that you need effortlessly. When you are job hunting, you need guidance and advice to succeed. A poorly-written resume won’t get you the desired job. A specialized writing service can be of great help in these moments. A specialized writing service with a well-structured webpage sounds even better.

We were pleased to find out that VelvetJobs provides exactly what you need – so we contacted them and conducted exhaustive research on their services. Here’s what we found out.

Quality and Services of

According to their website, VelvetJobs is the leading innovator in career transition, outplacement and employer branding. The company promises to offer coaching, feedback, and constant help while building up your resume. Excited to see how well they are doing, we took all the necessary steps to reach out to them. We placed an order for a Health Care Assistant resume. The result was terrifying. Our resume experts analyzed its content and found plenty of rubbish. services

First of all, they embellish the truth. Our team did not include as many details as VelvetJobs included in the final copy of our resume. We were surprised to find out that the person we’ve requested a resume for has been working in the healthcare industry for ten years and had plenty of experience. The truth is, Rosemarie Geller – the name we chose to test – had zero hands-on experience and only three years of theory practices. We found this “improvement” to be totally unprofessional.

Prices at

Their prices are pretty high for the services they offer. They ask no less than $199 for the usual Professional Resume, $249 for a Professional Resume Plus, and $459 for an Executive Resume Plus. For this high price, you should receive an original, out of the ordinary resume that’ll get you 20 calls per minute. But we were extraordinarily disappointed to be presented with the almost the same resume. All they did was change some keywords and embellish the content. - prices

Discounts/ Other Features

VelvetJobs has no ongoing discounts whatsoever. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. The features they’re presenting are only template-related. What we finally figured out about VelvetJobs is that it is not a company that writes your resume – they just provide you with templates, and you do the job. But you must still pay the money.

Their features:

  • Use pre-written bullet points
  • Download in PDF or Publish Online
  • Duplicate your resume

Customer Service on VelvetJobs

You’d think they’re at least super-responsive! But they’re not. We rated VelvetJobs’ customer service 2/10. They have no Live Chat features or phone numbers available to contact them. The only thing you can do is send a request. We sent ours and received a response in no more than 4 business days. Really? Four? Requesting almost half a grant for one resume and receiving a response in four days sounds terribly unprofessional to me.


The process of writing our resume took one week, which is a decent waiting time if they’d have actually changed something at the resume that we first sent. They did not add anything specific, anything outstanding, anything that would capture an employer’s eye in a hot second. As I previously mentioned, they merely changed any keywords and expected customers to be happy with it.

Well, we were not, so we reached out to the company. We asked for a free revision and received no answer. We contacted them again. The second time, someone replied. Our customer service representative, Chad, promised to review it and send it back. But then he got lost; nobody contacted us back. We sent another resume request just to receive an answer on our first question. We succeeded. They said “it was not in their company’s policy” to revise resumes and resend them. So, free revision was off the table. We needed to pay for it. Really?

I’d like to say that the above features are outstanding and helping in many ways, but I’d lie. When you’re in search of a job or anxious about not finding one, paying hundreds of dollars for a service that promises to offer high-quality resumes is actually mean. The company literally takes advantage of your situation and does not offer anything that you’d need.


  1. I ordered a resume from and got a very impressive resume. Just like they promised, keywords were professional intertwined and I was happy to see that they weren’t just random keywords but keywords that were specific to my industry.

  2. I ordered for a resume with the lowest payment package: Professional resume and received a standard and unimpressive resume. The resume wasn’t unique and I could hardly find any special keywords that would pass through employers’ ATS systems even though I’d paid $199. It was simply low quality.

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