Top Skills to List on Your Resume

top skills for resume
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The skills you list on a resume can be a very big factor for unlocking a new job opportunity. Without the right combination, your resume is just one of the many, a needle in a haystack. Therefore, when your task is to write a resume, the ideal way has no definition. What you have to do is make your talents visible and rapidly identifiable to the reader before they throw it on the bunch called rejected.

Using the right set of skills and some clear descriptions of what you have achieved will get you this attention, as well as tell the reader who you are and what you can do. Here are the essentials you must include in any resume:

1. Industry-Specific Skills

Here fall all skills that are critical to your work in the industry. These are the center of the resume, the thing that shows you are an expert and qualified for the job. And while the employer might already know you possess most of these, you must still include them, and prominently.

2. Proficiencies with Tools

Based on the industry and the job, you want to add a set of skills that demonstrate tool proficiencies. Such skills are most important for positions in the healthcare and technology sector, but can actually be present everywhere. If you have knowledge of using tools, programs, or software, add them to your resume.

3. Hard Skills

Hard skills are the things you obtain while studying and continue building on with experience and training. They can be measured and they can be proved. Whatever hard skill you can tie directly to the degree or work experience, and you believe is linked to the job responsibilities, include it together with the certificates and other documents.

4. Soft Skills

These are different from the hard skills, but essential if you want to succeed. They are equally important and yet, cannot be proved with a document, at least not with certainty. Your soft skills are what keeps you using your hard skills and helps you impress the employer. Such skills are linked to your values and personality, and include communication, analytical thinking, leadership, creativity, etc.

Skills are extremely important and take most of your resume. By using and combining them properly, you are giving yourself a bigger shot at getting the job you want. Choosing the most important skills from this list is what will make your resume stand from the crowd.

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