Quality 9.5
Prices 9.5
Discounts/Features 9.0
Customer Support 9.0
Delivery 9.5


  • Professional support
  • Free plan is available is a resume builder, an opportunity to use templates for resumes and cover letters to boost your chances at getting hired. That’s the impression we got when we first reviewed their website, but along our way, we found out several other things you might want to know about this builder.

Quality and Services on Resumonk

For a resume builder, there are plenty of features you can use at Resumonk. As most builders of this kind, this one also has a free plan, but it is rather limited. Still, it serves as a great way to see what they give you if you choose to pay for their services.

The features and services offered are: format downloads, resume templates, photo CV templates, LinkedIn imports, no Resumonk branding, cover letter templates, creating multiple resumes, fonts and color options, custom URLs for resume sharing, data and location-wise analytics for tracking views, and priority support. Naturally, most of these features apply only to the paid versions, while only few are part of the free version.

The templates come in a small number, but they are all of fine quality. Unfortunately, there aren’t any features that other resume builders share in regard with an expert opinion on the resume you create by using the builder. So, once you use the available features and make your resume, you can’t get any expert help or guidance on what needs to be changed or improved. You are your own resume’s designer and writer, and the builder is only there to aid you in the process.

Prices at

As we mentioned, there is a free plan where you don’t have to pay anything to try out the website’s features. These features include PDF downloads, access to four resume templates, one photo CV template, and a LinkedIn import. - prices
There are two paid options: a yearly plan and a forever plan. The yearly plan costs $29 for a year, while the forever plan is $79, once. They have the same features, which are the ones we listed in the services description. Naturally, most choose the forever option because it is much cheaper and lasts forever, meaning that you can use the templates and other features any time you need help with getting a job.

Hopefully, the templates here will help you land a job, so you won’t need to pay the monthly or forever fees. Considering that it isn’t a company that writes resumes but one that provides you with tools to do it by yourself, you might want to invest as much time as possible into creating a good resume.

Discounts/ Other Features

We’ve already been through the whole list of features. There is nothing extra you can ask for or select to pay from when it comes to this resume builder. There are also no discounts, no codes for discounts, or anyone claiming to have received a discount of any kind.

We did not expect discounts in the first place, especially after seeing that has a free plan in place. This plan lets you try out most of their features, at least the one that are most required by those who need resume making assistance.

Customer Service

To contact the website creators, you need to use an email or the contact form on the website. It takes some time to get a response, but we got a professional reply from one of their agents or creators of the builder. The support might not be non-stop available, which is often recommended for companies that charge for services, but the fact that they have a free plan in place is rather satisfactory. In this way, you can try and make your resume by using the builder’s features before you decide to make a purchase and invest in the resume creation.


There isn’t really a delivery timeframe or any product to be delivered, so we cannot rate this service by What we can say is that the resume creation process goes smoothly and is simplified thanks to the templates and clear steps, though there aren’t many templates to choose from. - features

When compared to other resume builders, this one provides a much simple process of making resume, which makes ‘delivery’ faster, but the options are far more limited than what we have seen.

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