Quality 8.6
Prices 8.9
Discounts/Features 8.0
Customer Support 7.5
Delivery 8.6


  • 10% discount on every service
  • “Unlimited revisions” policy
  • No hidden charges

Who doesn’t know the impact of a good resume? ResumeYard has quite the well-earned reputation for their mastermind resume writing skills. They can give you the ticket to your next dream job. They proudly boast of their clients working in Apple, Boeing, Cisco, AT&T, and Dell. Maybe that’s why they have added a banner just mention the strength of their resume writing skills. - overview

Not only the resumes but also their CVs, cover letter, follow-up letter, and LinkedIn profile build-up have earned quite a fame among the professionals of various walks.

Quality of the Services Offered

ResumeYard offers 6 different services. Mainly they want to focus on the Resume or CV writing and editing. Resume and CVs have one thing in common – they are keyword focused, format-oriented and concise yet complete. Writing such quality requires skills. Their testimonials are the clear signs of their skills and professionalism. - services

Today most of the hiring managers seek out for the perfect candidate on LinkedIn. They will help you build-out the LinkedIn profile. By the looks of it, there is no doubt that a veteran professional has tweaked it up.
They need a brief description of yourself and your current resume. That’s it! It’s the recipe for the perfect resume.

The quality is really astonishing. They can make a dull and boring resume into spicy one. ResumeYard has clear idea how HRs around the world think like. They actually make irresistible resumes as they promised. All the important keywords were placed all over the resume. The formatting was perfect and flawless.

Pricing Policy of ResumeYard

ResumeYard asks for a reasonable amount of money for the quality they provide. There are 3 tiers of quality packages – the entry level, the professional level and the executive level. For a resume, they would from $99 to $159. The price varies due to the quality level.

They even offer combo packages like – resume writing + cover letter + LinkedIn Profile. Such big packages would cost about $269. Going for the combo package is a better decision as it costs much less than getting separate services.

Discounts and Other Features

They offer at least 10% discount on every service. So, that’s not a bad deal at all.
It’s quite natural that someone might not like the quality or maybe wants just a minor tweaking. ResumeYard boasts of their “Unlimited revisions” policy. Meaning they will do revisions after revisions until you feel completely satisfied with the quality.

But the edit requests must be submitted within 30 days after purchase. Not every resume writing services offer such unlimited revisions offer. ResumeYard is truly intending to serve their client base.

They have different categories of professional writers who will do anything to make your resumes and CVs irresistible. They scan the resumes with the Application Tracking System filters or ATS. Such scans help to get the perfect keyword that would match your desired job description and industry expectations. - features Delivery

We tried the combo package including the resume, cover letter, and the LinkedIn profile polish-up. We received a staggering 10% discount. The quality was a pure-A category without any doubt. We received the package within 2 days after placing the order. A truly amazing experience indeed!

ResumeYard Customer Support - contactsThere are multiple ways one can contact their customer service including – live chat, hotline phone call, and inquiry emails. They are very responsive and take the client’s need very seriously. The customer service operators are skilled and know everything about their services who won’t just redirect clients to the person. They have a keen eagerness to satisfy the needs of each and every client.

Final Thoughts on ResumeYard

Without a doubt, ResumeYard is one of the best places you can go polishing up your resume. Their all-out view of job-seeking related services is surely helpful. The pricing is fair and realistic. There are no hidden charges, their pricing is transparent as well. ResumeYard is not one of those scammers who would only seek to rob you. Overall, we would like to give a solid 9.3 out of 10 for their amicable services and rich content.

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