Quality 9.2
Prices 9.5
Discounts/Features 9.3
Customer Support 9.6
Delivery 9.3


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Have personal resume website builder
  • On-time delivery

What if a big company wanted a resume from you with a day or two? You could freak out or you could look for a resume writing service that would pave the way for you. You can get a damn great looking resume from They offer a number of services. Before deciding whether you should go for Resume Writing Service, you should read out this review. - overview

Quality of the Resumes of Resume Writing Service

Resume Writing Service offers a number of services all focused on getting the perfect job. They covered almost all the criteria of services. Although they boast of their resume writing service, resume editing, resume distribution and CV writing services. Not every single company will help you to get your resume distributed. So, they made quite the impression with this unique service.

Other than these, they have candidate profile screening, LinkedIn profile development. They would even offer interview coaching. This service is also handy as a lot of people tend to break down before the interview board. - services

A lot of interviewees have a common question in their mind – how should they write up the cover letter as the cover letter is the very first impression. It comes before the resume.

The clients can also choose their level of resume standard, from entry-level to executive level. Even military and federal level resumes are available here. Even if anyone wants to change their career and craft a whole new resume, he/she will get it here.

The feedback we received from them was also quite fair, not extraordinary but fair. The resume had clusters of writing that make it look a bit boring and monotonous. Although they had featured all the skills and strong points in the resume elaborately. They could not make it juicy and appealing.

We expected a bit more creative resumes from them but the quality wasn’t bad.

Pricing of

The pricing policy seems quite fair. Writing up a resume from them would cost you about $95 (professional level). They would make a pdf copy of the resume free of cost. Although, their best package is the advanced combo package. The combo package consists of the resume, cover letter, and a follow-up letter. It would cost you $103.96.

The LinkedIn profile development costs $103 as well. There are numbers of other services. All the prices are fairly low compared to the other services in the market. Not every company can offer the whole LinkedIn promotion package in $151.

They also have a unique service – the personal resume website builder. A lot of specialized skilled professions can the bolstered by creating an exciting portfolio website.

Although the best value package is the full-combo of resume, cover letter, follow-up letter, and LinkedIn profile development. This package costs about $180.

Discounts and Other Features

They offer lucrative discounts. The first time users get a 20% discount. If anyone has a referral coupon, he/she will get a 10% off. - features

Resume Writing Service offers a 100% money back guarantee. Although we weren’t sure against which condition they are offering the money back guarantee. They also claim that they have professional resume writers who are certified but it was tough for us to believe how they could offer certified professional writing at such low price.

Customer Support of - contactsResume Writing Service has a wonderful customer support. They have the live chat support. They support team is very amicable and helpful. Other than the live chat service, they have the toll-free hotline number. We think calling them directly is the best way to contact them. Although, before they start writing, they would obviously contact you via phone to collect all the tiny details about you.

You could also give their support team an e-mail. They would whatever within their limit possible to make you happy.


We received the resume just within 36 hours and they promised to give it within 48 hours. So, that’s a big plus point for them, we guess. They have maintained a good reputation for their punctuality.

Final Verdict

Overall, Resume Writing Service offers a great service. The quality of the resume was a bit dull. Other than that everything was nothing short of perfection. Who could give better quality at such low price? Considering all the features and service of the quality we have decided to give them a rating of 9.4 out of 10.


  1. Ordering for a resume from resume writing services, it can be pretty hard to get a resume that fits your personality type and outfits everything to fit all your skills including your transferrable skills. surprised me by giving me a resume that reflected my personality and eventually got me an interview a month later

  2. I filled their ‘contact us’ form at and got no reply, after waiting for about 3 hours, I eventually called their toll free line that was answered. After explaining my inquiries, the customer care personnel or agent respond to my inquiries. I’m not sure about my emotions.

  3. Any company with great customer service is the best. I contacted to make some inquiries via their email customer service option and received a reply only ten minutes after. The customer care agent answered all my questions and literally assisted me to successfully make my order and get a great service.

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