Quality 5.8
Prices 6.1
Discounts/Features 6.7
Customer Support 6.0
Delivery 5.9


  • No loyalty program extras
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Unfriendly support

To get a resume written by a professional you need to follow three at the first glance easy steps: find a professional, place an order and revise what you got. Sounds good, right? In the reality, picking up the right professional and order placement is not so straightforward how it looks now. You need to find the best one, for the fair price, with exceptional quality and a good reputation. Luckily, you found this page and now you can learn how can help you with your job search. overview

Below you will find detailed information about the services this team offers, quality of papers it delivers, how the delivery and customer support work and how much you need to pay for the service at this team. Also, we will share some insights on discounts and special features which will be available to you.

Quality and Services of

To make your life easier, we explored the full list of services ResumeWritingGroup has. There are now packages which include different services you need, you can set up your own. The team provides resume writing and editing service, CV service, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, thank you letter writing, career coaching services, resume keyword optimization and many other small features you can add to your resume for an extra price. So, when we decided to place an order we were surprised how these small features have influenced the price. features

The process of ordering was not easy. You need to think out which service is needed and what extra you should include getting a professional help. We picked a resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and extra formatting since any professional resume should look outstanding. We filled out the form, uploaded an old resume and started waiting. No one contacted us back, and we began to worry.

In three days, we got an email with the draft resume and LinkedIn profile. The resume template was standard, and it looked like the writer just copied and pasted information from the old resume even not paying attention to the spelling and grammar mistakes we added there. We asked for the revision, but again nothing was changed.

The quality at this service is not very high, and maybe to get a good resume you should work with them from a ground up.

Prices on ResumeWritingGroup

At the first glance, the pricing at looks cheap. The price per resume starts from $89 and ends at $199 for executive resumes. Yet, to get a set of papers you need for a job search and make you profile searchable online (i.e. keyword optimized) you need to pay extra. For the design, you are paying extra as well. pricesSo, if you need all-in-one solution to be ready to spend $300+ at a student’s level and $500+ if you need executive level career search help.

Discounts and Other Features offers a lot of services and at the first glance, the team is really cheap. However, at the end of picking all, you need, you to see a high price and there are no discounts or loyalty program extras here. All features (even the one offered for free at other services or included in the package) are paid, so this company is expensive.

Customer service at

We are not sure if this company does have a support team. We had been trying to get any information via email multiple times with no luck. Yet, a writer we worked with from time to time answered our emails. A customer support team is an essential part of any B2C online business and it should be available 24/7 via chat, email and phone options.


The delivery process here looks simply:

  1. You are placing the order
  2. Someone calls you if the writer has questions
  3. You get an order for the revision
  4. You either approve or reject an order.

Yet, they are not asking questions to deliver a quality service which we expect from the company who charges a high price for its features.

So, this team delivers average quality papers for the high price. They don’t have built a support team and to get the information you need it’s better to contact your writer – if he or she is responsive, of course.

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