Quality 7.0
Prices 7.5
Discounts/Features 6.5
Customer Support 5.0
Delivery 6.2


  • No discounts
  • Bad quality of papers
  • Few types of services

At first sight, ResumeValley looks like a top reputable resume writing service. They have a highly professional website with nice graphics and plenty of educational information. However, we never leave anything to chance and we like to thoroughly test each type of service before giving a final verdict. When we first visited the site, we were quite impressed but as we went deeper with our review something else came to the surface.

What they offer: dedicated and highly professional staff, full range of custom job application tools, career targeted writing style, low service rates and great customer service. Let’s see if they do live up to what they promise…

Quality and Services of

They offer 3 main types of services and these include Civilian Resume, Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn profile writing. We know that top reputable CV writing services also offer other related solutions such as cover letter writing, personal statement writing, school admission CV writing and many other such services. We consider their services list quite simplistic, with only 3 types of major services.

We have placed an order for a resume and a LinkedIn profile writing. The resume we received was written in simple language, not at all professional or career oriented as they state in their descriptions. Then, the LinkedIn profile looked similar to other profiles we could see online.

We do not want to insinuate these writings were copied, but they looked very similar to other profiles we could find online. We believe that both the resume and the online profile were written by someone who does not have experience in the HR field. Considering the price vs. quality balance, we can say that they offer poor quality services for quite an expensive price.

Prices at

They offer 3 main types of services, so there are only 3 price categories available. Civilian resume writing that promises you will win your dream job with a career targeted resume costs $99. Then, Curriculum Vitae writing services which help you build an in-depth CV content for scholarly jobs costs $99. The LinkedIn profile writing costs $69 and they promise you will boost your online visibility and reputation with such an optimized profile. prices

The LinkedIn writing is the cheapest, but as we already mentioned, we are not sure about the originality of the content of these online profiles. We also consider that asking almost $100 for a simplistic resume is very expensive, especially for a graduate looking for a job.

Discounts/Other Features

We thoroughly checked their site and we could not see any discounts or special features offered. Top rated companies in this industry always offer discount codes of even 20% or freebies such as free editing, free LinkedIn profile analysis or old resume analysis and reports. We were disappointed that they do not offer any discounts, but we wanted to see at least more special features. We could only see there that they offer sample resumes that you can read before placing an order.

Customer Service on ResumeValley

We always like to thoroughly test the customer service of a company. We consider that customer service must be highly responsive with kind and friendly representatives. After all, customer service is all about selling, so they must be patient and helpful. When we first contacted customer service at ResumeValley, we had to wait almost an hour until we got a response through chat. contactsThe representative was friendly and told us that there are too many requests, but then why don’t they hire more experts to handle the high influx of clients?


When we placed the order for a resume, we told the writers we need the document within 2 days. We set a reasonable deadline, because we wanted to see very high quality. Unfortunately, they delivered on time but the quality was not good. Then, we placed a second order, and here they missed the deadline with 3 days, and the quality was poor again. Therefore, we consider they do not respect closely the deadlines, and they will not even notify you that your order will be late.

The main problem is that the quality of the samples and the quality of the work they provide differ greatly. They have some very well written, concise and professional samples available on the site. However, the quality of their work does not reflect that high quality of the samples.

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