Quality 5.8
Prices 5.6
Discounts/Features 5.9
Customer Support 6.0
Delivery 6.1


  • Guarantee of privacy


  • Resume needs a deep revision
  • Delivery was also not on time
  • No specific discount and loyalty programs

One of the most important parts of a job search is an attractive resume. A well-written resume is a great way to make a good impression and give a strong introduction about yourself to an employer. If you have a good resume, you may get more chances to grab the desired position. Yet, sometimes you may lose your dream job just because of having a weak resume. Therefore, the success of your job search depends on how well you wrote your resume. This is not possible for everyone to make a professional resume. You need more knowledge and writing skills to make it perfect. - overview

There are many companies that claim to offer quality resume-writing services. However, this is completely up to you how do you choose the right one. If you are facing the same problem, then we will help you. Here we have a review, to help you identify whether they offer quality or not.

Quality of Services guarantees interviews within 60 days, but if you don’t get any interview call then they will re-write your resume, CV, or federal resume free of cost. However, this is truly a false promise. We have ordered a resume from them to measure their performance and quality. - services

The resume we got is absolutely worthless. We do not even use this in any way. The resume consists a lot of unnecessary information and poor format. We found their service quality very bad. They claim to cover almost every kind of resume or job search writing materials, such as resume writing services, CV writing services, federal resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, Job board posting, and other resume services.


ResumeProfessionalWriters gave a list of price according to the different price packages:

  • Basic Resume & CV cost $125
  • Deluxe Resume & CV cost $195
  • Premium Resume & CV cost $305
  • Ultimate Resume & CV cost $485
  • Federal Resume Writing Service costs $300
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing Service costs $100
  • Job Board Posting costs $150
  • Other services cost between $30 to $500

Whether they have a good price for beginners which is $125 for basic, but the price for a quality, professional resume is very high. We have made this measurement after comparing them with other resume writing services. There are a ton of companies that offer quality, high-level resume writing services at a very reasonable price. - discounts

Even, we have also paid a large amount for a low-quality resume that does not worth in any sense. It needs a deep revision and changes to make it perfect. They even ensure you to do a free update on your resume for future. In our case, they took a large time to re-write it.

Discounts and Other Features does not offer any specific discount and loyalty programs to their customers. You have to pay the exact amount shown in the given packages. If you are strict about low-budget, then find someone else. - features

Customer Service at - contactsA live chat option is also available on home page of the website of Resume Professional Writers. And, there is no doubt that they are very attentive and responsive at all time. Whenever we message them, they always interact with us. However, they took more time to revise and re-write our resume. And, again we got an average paper which was not exactly we actually wanted.

A contact number and talk to a career specialist option are also given. We used all these modes of connections and surprisingly they were responsible in all. Their customer support service is the only feature that we found good, otherwise, all the services they offer are poor.


Similar to other services, the delivery was also not on time. They took more hours to complete our task. We have selected the 48-Hour deadline for our resume, and they took total 52 hours to deliver their task. We are always ready to wait for a good paper. But, not for this kind of poorly written resume.


Our experience with ResumeProfessionalWriters was not good. The company lacked in every case, either we talk about quality, price, delivery timing, or discount. They do not provide anything perfectly. So, it is better for you to choose another resume-writing service that actually provides the quality and all.

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