3.5 review
Quality 3.0
Prices 5.5
Discounts/Features 2.5
Customer Support 2.5
Delivery 4.0


  • Acceptable prices


  • Grammar mistakes
  • No refunds
  • Executed by deadline

A clever name – that’s what first crossed our minds when we looked at the website of At first, it looked like any other service, promising low rates and successful assistance with resumes for everyone. But there is more to it. They also offer consultations with an advisor, and these are free of charge. Since this is the most inviting offer we have seen on the resume market, we immediately proceeded with our research.

Quality and Services on ResumeMyCareer offers unique services, all in addition to the traditional services resume companies offer. You can get resume writing here, but also resume on a business card and resume distribution. Moreover, this is the spot where you can combine thank-you letters and follow-up letters, LinkedIn profile help, cover letters, and some help from their experts. The free consultation offer applies to a conversation over the phone with one of their support agents, which in our case, didn’t help at all. - overview

The person who answered the phone for a free consultation asked many questions about our experience and training. We wouldn’t call that a consultation, since she immediately proceeded to convincing us that we need a professionally written resume, a great online presence with a finely tuned LinkedIn profile, an excellent cover letter, and basically every other service the company offers. Their consultation is more of a way to convince you to make an order faster. In our case, it worked because we wanted to test how they write the resumes customers order.

So, we got ourselves a package. There are four of them and since the first one combines a free consultation and a resume only, we selected the package number three – the gold package with a resume, consultation, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and thank you letter. It seemed like the best way to check how they handle most of their services, but unfortunately, it turned out badly.

Firstly, they missed the deadline they gave us when we were placing the order. The package came two days late. Secondly, it wasn’t all that great. There were mistakes in almost everything, except the LinkedIn profile, but even the profile wasn’t any good because it simply had the same information from the resume, literally copied there.

Prices at

To get a resume only, you need the package number one or the Bronze package. This is the cheapest package of $99 and it doesn’t vary based on experience or deadline. They pre-set the deadline and that is the price – no exceptions. Then, you can choose the silver package for $158 or the Gold package for $246, or the biggest of them all – the Platinum at $334. - servicesThe difference between our package and the Platinum package is the resume distribution service and the text resume for online applications.

Discounts/ Other Features

As you probably noticed already, prices aren’t all that cheap except for the resume only service. In fact, they are extremely high for most customers, which is why it is good that they cut down the rates for the remaining three packages. With the discounts that you will see right there on the pricing page, the silver package now costs $129, the gold package costs $179, and the Platinum package costs $239. These are still not very cheap, but they are quite improved.

Customer service of ResumeMyCareer Company

No one tells you when the service works and when they don’t, so you’d have to call and check. The first time we called no one answered, and after a couple hours, we got a response on the phone number. You can also use the various e-mails for this purpose.

Even though they don’t have a non-stop support, which is bad, their support is professional when it comes to handling orders. Their consultation offer is somewhat of a scam because they don’t really help, though.


We already mentioned that the delivery was an issue in our case, but there aren’t many similar cases reported on the Web. We didn’t get a refund for this mistake of theirs, meaning that they have no strong delivery guarantees in place.

Overall, looks good and functions well, but only in the sense that their website is created to attract a lot of customers. In sense of quality, the results from our order were not good, especially not considering that their prices are high to begin with.

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