4.9 review
Quality 3.5
Prices 7.0
Discounts/Features 4.0
Customer Support 5.2
Delivery 5.0


  • Low prices


  • Grammar mistakes
  • Not specific writing
  • No discounts is supposed to be so cheap, they even say that they ‘offer almost free resume writer’. It is a big statement to make and once you see it, you’ll surely start scrolling up and down their website to see what the prices are like. And it is true – is much cheaper than most resume companies we’ve tried out. But, that still does not make it a great choice. - overview

Now you have to learn about their services and how they work.

Quality and Services at

You can’t really say services in plural unless you consider writing and editing of a resume two different products. The name says it all and there isn’t anything more to it – this is a company that writes and edits resumes. This means that you won’t be getting any cover letters, thank-you letters, follow-up letters, or the latest popular service in this market – LinkedIn profile service. Basically, it is a one-product service with more approaches to it.

That being said, we ordered our resume. The prices depend on the deadline and what they call – a level. You can select between entry level, professional, career change, federal and executive level. It also depends on deadlines – which is great news because most of the companies of this kind have pre-determined deadlines and you cannot choose when the resume is delivered to you. In this case, the further the deadline, the better the price. - process

We asked for a resume within a day to see how fast they can work if you need some urgent help. The results were terrible. The price is obviously cheap because the resumes are of average quality, which in our case would even be an exaggeration to say this.

Our resume wasn’t good. It had no specific order, the formatting was horrendous, and we found an exact number of twelve mistakes in it. The person who did it either spent minutes just scribbling down the information we sent in a word file, or he hasn’t done many resumes during his career.

Prices on ResumeCVWriter

The part about the quality might not have been true, but the part about the prices is. This service has offers that are better than those of most, giving you a chance to get a resume at rates that begin at $45 and end at $145. If you looked around and saw other companies’ pricing, you already know that for most of them, the starting rate is higher than the highest rate here.

This should have been a sign that there’s something wrong from the start, but we still decided to go for it. There is no chance that a professional executive resume service can charge only $85 for a resume and $42.5 for resume editing in five days and deliver excellence. It simply requires a lot of effort and expertise and this is too low a price to pay for it.

Discounts/ Other Features

Except for the unlimited revisions offer, which is a generous one on its own, there aren’t any features offered. Discounts aren’t applicable and honestly, we didn’t even expect them after seeing the rates.

Customer service

If the quality were as good as said, this might be a good choice of a resume service. They even have a non-stop customer service and it is perfectly pleasant. They reply within minutes and handle revisions well and in a friendly manner. Naturally, we asked for one right away. But, despite the efforts of the support agent and the free revisions policy, there wasn’t much that could be done since the writers aren’t really familiar with the standards of professional resumes. The resume was still of below average quality.

Delivery of

As we said previously, there are several delivery options here, which is refreshing. There’s also no issue with the delivery time, at least not in our case. The choice between several delivery options as well as the rush resumes service of 12 hours is good news and on top of it all, it is very, very cheap.

Unfortunately, those cheap prices result in poor resume quality and despite the efforts of the professional customer support, we don’t believe that ordering from will yield any great results in terms of your job application.

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