Quality 9.5
Prices 9.0
Discounts/Features 9.0
Customer Support 9.0
Delivery 9.5


  • Free of charge
  • Live chat
  • Easy process

Resumecompanion is a resume builder website where you can create your resume, format it, and get some feedback from experts. It all sounds amazing on the website, but the information there was a bit too vague for us to understand what this website really does for its visitors and users. So, we proceeded to using the builder to see what kind of resume you can create if you use it.

Quality and Services at

We wouldn’t really call the resume you get here a service because, you are basically using an automated software to do the resume all by yourself. You need to enter all the data, choose from the many options they provide, and format the resume as you think it should look like. It isn’t so much of a help in the sense of aiding you in creating a great resume, so much that it is an automated system you can use to do the task on your own. - overview

It does help with this process, though. Thanks to the pre-added bullet points you can select and use, as well as the numerous formatting options you can choose from, making a resume is much simpler on this website. As for the option of getting some expert advice, we did not find a place to order such service, or any information on whether it is free or paid. Since there’s basically no customer support, this is still a mystery to us.

Prices of

As mentioned before, prices are not mentioned anywhere, but neither is given any information about the ‘expert’ option. Everything we explained and mentioned so far is free, making this resume builder worth testing out. Applicants might still want to use scanners and experts to see how well they did with the resume, but is free of charge, so it seems to be a solid idea for when you want to create your resume from scratch.

Discounts/ Other Features

Since there aren’t prices, there aren’t even discounts. There are no other features than the things that are on the homepage, though we wouldn’t say that this is little. For no cost at all, all that the website provides is a gift to its visitors. It might not be as advanced as most would want, but it is quite helpful. - features

Customer Service

We mentioned that the customer service is basically non-existent, which is the result from our testing. There is supposed to be a customer service which you can access through their so-called live chat. You can also leave a message to get answer later.

Even though this does not seem to be a website that you pay to perform a service to you, there should be a responsive support or contact on any website that provides something to its visitors. Especially since has a so-called live chat customer service, it came unexpected to us that they are unresponsive. This might be a website by a creator who does not update or check the site any longer, but it remains helpful and online, which is still something to be thankful for.


There’s not really anything to be delivered, per se, except for the resume after you finish the process of making it through the website. The steps are simplified and everyone can use them to create a resume and the features there make it much faster and easier if you are new to the process. They remind and provide data you can use in your resume, while the expert advice should take you a step further and tell you what to change afterwards.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get access to that feature or information on it, so all we got from the website was some help with the creation of a resume. Thanks to the many formatting options and helpful tips and content, the resume creation is made easy for the visitors, and everything is completely free of charge. It’s a solid resume builder site, although they could improve the support system and provide some more information about the features listed right there on their homepage.

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