Quality 9.9
Prices 9.4
Discounts/Features 9.7
Customer Support 9.6
Delivery 9.8


  • Do not miss deadlines
  • Free resume revisions
  • Guarantee of privacy
  • High quality of papers written presents itself as a highly professional resume, CV and cover letter writing service. This is what we have noticed at first sight. The website is worked out nicely, and there is plenty of information available right on the home page. When we first visited the website, we were prompted by a popup saying that we will get a free resume analysis and all we have to do is upload our resume. They also promise that all their writers are handpicked HR and recruitment professionals who know how to impress with a well-crafted resume or CV.

Just as we do with any other service, we decided to thoroughly review Resumeble. We want to give you all the insights and details that you need so that you can make a well informed decision. Let’s see what we have discovered about this service…

Quality and Services at

We have placed an order for a quite simple resume. We received a paper that looked more like a high quality essay. We consider this was a resume that we could present at an HR department to get a job. Clearly, this resume was written by professional who has everything to do with recruitment or the HR field. There were a no spelling mistakes as well, and this is exciting! When HR reviews your resume and notices any mistake, your resume is put aside immediately. Therefore, we did really like the quality of the services provided.

Regarding their list of services, they offer a wide range of solutions: entry package, career pro package, professional package, LinkedIN profile analysis, cover letter writing, and CV writing. As you can see they offer packages, which means sometimes you will need to pay for a service that you do not even need.

Prices on Resumeble

This company charges prices per package, instead of charging per individual service. pricesFor example, the entry package contains one professional resume, up to 3 free revisions and the best suitable format. This package costs $99.99. We consider this is quite acceptable price on the market.

Their most expensive service is the Premium package containing the following: one resume, one cover letter, one LinkedIN profile analysis, thank you and follow up letters, unlimited revisions, best suitable format and 30 day interview guarantee,. This package costs $249, and includes “interview guarantee”.

Discounts/Other Features

Resumeble offers free features instead of percentage discount. We like it!

We know from experience that some companies in the field offer discounts or vouchers in order to attract even more clients. This is not the case with Resumeble. One amazing special feature we noticed was that with every professional package that costs about $250, you will receive a free LinkedIN profile analysis.

Also, free revisions are included in all their packages, but we did not even ask for a revision because the quality of the document was above our expectations.

Customer Service

We know from experience that customer service is the heart of any business. We also know that we tried to contact Resumeble experts via the phone and instant messaging and we did it after first try. Also, when we talk to someone on the phone we were amazed to notice that the respective person did speak English on a native level.

This is completely respectful. The company claim to offer top professional recruitment writing services and have a customer service representative that is able to talk natural English?

Delivery of

This company did respect our deadline. We ordered one resume and we gave them a deadline of 3 days. We received it in 46 hours. delivery

They did not miss the deadline, so we consider them reliable from this point of view. So, if you need a resume and you have only 48 hours available to write it, you can place an order… and get the job interview!

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