Quality 8.7
Prices 8.6
Discounts/Features 8.5
Customer Support 8.0
Delivery 9.4


  • They provide different services
  • They offer 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • On-time delivery
  • Good and professional customer support


  • Got partnered with

Finding a new job is impossible without a quality resume. And, having a quality resume is only possible if you have any professional writer who has years of experience in writing resumes, and other writing services. Similarly, Resume2Hire offers online resume writing services. Over 30 years of experience in resume writing, online recruitment, and staffing, the company offers premium resume writing service – mentioned on their official website. - overview

Based in San Diego, California, they have a team of professional writers that have written over 30,000 resumes. From freshers to managerial level, they cover needs of every professional. To help you decide if you hire their services or not, we have given a brief information about the company through our Review.

Quality of Services of Resume2Hire

First of all, you should know that this service is a partner of TopResume resume service for some time. - services

Resume2Hire helps people who wanted to make an excellent job search and bring great job suggestions to choose from. They provide different services to the job seekers, such as resume writing, staffing, and online recruitment. Along with, they also start managing LinkedIn profiles of the job seeker. With the help of these types of services, you can give a great hike to your career. If we talk about their services, we have learned that the company actually offers great services to people who are in need of job/work.

To measure their service quality score, we have ordered a resume and cover letter. And, surprisingly, it was beyond our expectations. Their writers did an outstanding job, form a resume that fit the requirements and offers different job opportunities we are ambitious to get. They offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means either a person is satisfied or they will rewrite their resume for FREE.

Prices at

Most of the companies charge extra amount for the urgency and high-level work. However, only has fixed price for their services. They do not have any hidden charges for any services. They have declared a list of price for their professional services, on their official website. Moreover, the different prices’ categories include different module/elements you get. The prices vary from level to level.

Usually, the price of a new resume is starting from $99.00. When we compare their price with other resume writing services then we have found that they offer the cheapest options for top-quality resumes. They have a list of price packages that one can choose according to their choice and requirement. Instead, they do not offer any specific discount.

Discounts & Other features - featuresAs we have already asked you that the company does not offer any specific discount and loyalty programs. But, they have covered this in the packages. Some companies provide discount offers because they have high prices for their services.

Customer services of Resume 2 Hire Company

When we explore their website, we did not find any particular contact detail. However, you can get in touch with them with the help of frequently asked questions. By asking these questions, you will immediately get a response from their side. In that way, they are very responsible and professional. In case a person is not happy with the resume they got, he/she can easily ask them through these FAQs.

The most interesting thing about them is, they shortly contact their clients to solve their problem. Similarly, we have asked them few questions about the company, services, and our order, and got quick and helpful answers from a professional. Overall, Resume2Hire offers good and professional customer support.


The company guarantees on-time delivery for all the resumes, particularly for 5-7 business day resume. Even, we got our resume a day before the deadline. That was also the great plus point of We are extremely satisfied with all the services they provided, either we talk about the service quality or delivery time. Everything was excellent and well-maintained. Their team of highly-professional writers has expertise in making every order highly descriptive and practical. They have cited every information clearly and give a brief introduction to every module we asked them to cite.


We are very happy with all the services they offer!! We do not need to change anything in our resume. They have just done an outstanding job. The resume was completely valuable. And, we are sure that our review will definitely help you to get an idea about their services and quality. Very satisfied!!

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