Quality 6.0
Prices 7.1
Discounts/Features 5.7
Customer Support 6.0
Delivery 5.9


  • High prices
  • Doesn’t have loyalty programs
  • Customers' complaints

Samples of impeccable quality on the site don’t always paint a clear picture as to what your content will be like, especially when it comes to resumes. All the resumes in the nicely-created Samples page on the Resume101 website are amazing, but they are listing more qualifications and experience than most people have. To learn what the service delivers when you order a resume, we checked the company and wrote our review.

Quality and Services at

Resume writing companies nowadays offer a myriad of services. That’s not the case with Resume101. This service has three offers: resume, CV and cover letter writing. They are combined in packages or sold separately, but that’s it – all you can get from this website.

At the same time, this is what most people order online when they need help with job applications. The company looks great and has an average rating online, making it worthwhile for performing our research.

As such, we ordered a small package containing a resume and cover letter, within three days. The quality wasn’t what we’d rank as perfect, but it was good. This quality should have good results, even though the resume could be improved (it looked a bit too much as a filled-in template).

Prices on Resume101

The pricing at the service is solid, but not a great fit considering the quality. For a package, you should be able to get a nice bargain. But, if you choose an individual service, the cost is more than it should be considering the results of our testing. prices

Nevertheless, a price of $187 for our package is quite normal considering the market and the prices other good companies offer for such services.

We got this rate for a package for Professional career level. Entry level costs a bit less, while executive is the highest priced of the three. The difference isn’t big between the first two, but the latter is significantly higher in pricing.

Discounts/ Other Features

The lack of discounts is a disadvantage, but not a serious one since most resume services don’t have loyalty programs. The reason for this probably lies in the fact that if an application is successful, the customer probably won’t need another service because they’d achieve their goals with that resume.

As for features, there aren’t really any features mentioned on the site. What we liked most in terms of security is the free revision policy. There isn’t a specification as to what this conveys, but having such a backup in case you don’t like the resume is a good deal.

Customer Service enjoys a professional customer service, which conveniently works 24/7. Not many companies have this option, which is a big pro for this one. From our experience with talking to their agents, we concluded that the customer support is reliable, though a bit slow. It took the agents too long to answer our questions, despite the fact that they were really friendly and nice to talk to.

With so many contact options and a non-stop customer service, the company has done quite well in this department. But, they could speed up the replies a bit.

Delivery on Resume101

Thankfully, delivery wasn’t a problem we experienced with this service. The package of a cover letter and resume arrived just before the deadline ended, half an hour to be precise. This caused a bit of anticipation and made us a bit worried that they’ll miss a deadline, but they actually met it. steps

We found only two such complaints, and both were resolved by the customer service, or at least that’s what customers said. Generally speaking, doesn’t have delivery issues.

Based on what we’ve learned so far with our research and order, is a legit company, and a good one for that matter. They could use some improvement of the customer support and some price reduction, or hire better writers that would meet the expectations of customers when they pay the rate. Overall, the company is a solid choice and offers the most needed application pieces for all career levels.

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