3.2 review
Quality 3.8
Prices 1.0
Discounts/Features 4.0
Customer Support 2.0
Delivery 5.0


  • Specific formats


  • To high prices
  • Limited operation hours of customer support

Resume-place is a company that helps people ‘build careers in the US government’. As serious and hard as this sounds, the company is said to specialize in federal resumes. If you aren’t interested in a resume of this kind, this is the time to consider another company. If you are, stay with us and we will let you know everything you need about

Quality and Services at

From what we could find, there are two services this company offers – resume writing and federal job interview preparation. This is a much focused, oriented company because they work with one type of candidates only – applicants for a federal job. Choosing such focus demands the highest skills you can find in the resume writing world, which is why we continued to test the company by actually requesting a federal resume. review

After receiving it, we discovered that the service isn’t as good as it seems when you read the website and check out the samples and stories from their customers. All of this information is published on the website, but it didn’t fit the resume we received. For a price that almost reached a thousand dollars, we rate their resume service as nothing more than average. Getting the price was a torture on its own, because the website only has estimates, so we had to wait for a long time before we actually got to the part where they told us how much the resume is going to cost.


As we said, prices are not disclosed on the website. There’s only a page where you can see estimates and minimum fees. After talking to their support and requesting a quote for our order, we discovered that this is really the very minimum, since the actual price we got was almost double the estimate on the website. - services

According to the estimate, a federal resume for GS 5/7/9/11 target position is $140 per hour, while the whole resume writing takes up to 6 hours. This is the cheapest estimate and again, the minimum you can be charged for such resume. In our case, the price went up to $800 for a single resume. Even for a federal resume, this price is unbelievably high.

It only goes higher from here. A federal resume for GS 14/15 and SES target position starts at a minimum of $190 for an hour, and writing it requires 7 to 12 hours. This would come to over $1500, which is the bare minimum. There isn’t a guarantee as to what rate they’ll offer you when you ask for the actual price.

Discounts/ other features on Resume-Place

As ridiculous as these prices are, there aren’t any discounts. There aren’t features discussed on the website, but there is plenty of helpful content about the federal resumes and some tips related to it. There’s also an interview preparation, training, and books you can take a look at.

Customer service

To get a quote or an answer to your questions, you need to contact during their work hours. You can do this through the form on the website, their e-mail or the toll-free phone numbers. For a company that offers services that demand such high expertise, not being available all the time is a very big disadvantage. Still, the customer support is very professional and helpful, which we witnessed several times during our conversation via phone and e-mail, as well as after we sent out the quote request. The resume was as high as it gets, but the customer service was prompt in delivering the quote.


Delivery wasn’t an issue because we received the resume a day after ordering it. Seeing that they estimated it would take hours, not days to have it done, we received it fast. Even so, they used the longest estimate in terms of hours needed to write the resume, which turned out to cost us an entire fortune when we finally received it.

In conclusion, you are looking at the only company that writes federal resumes only, at least from our experience. Even so, this highly-priced company doesn’t deliver the expected quality, mostly because their rates are the steepest we have ever seen in our evaluation of resume writing services.

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