Quality 9.0
Prices 9.5
Discounts/Features 9.9
Customer Support 7.0
Delivery 9.5


  • Free
  • No extra features


  • Limited list of templates
  • No support option is a resume builder and a so-called ‘career center’. In addition to aiding the resume making process for job seekers, this website contains many posts and tips on how to write cover letters and what to do when at interview. Their career section is filled with helpful content, as well as a short career page where visitors can look at open job positions and apply for them. Basically, it is a website with varied offered and features. For more information, keep reading this review.

Quality and Services of

Services at are completely free of charge. Seeing that this is a resume builder and a content-filled website, we wouldn’t even call their builder software a service. It is free to use for people who want to create a resume with the help of a ready template.

The options are really simplified. All you have to do is select one of the templates and fill in the information. There aren’t any tips or guides along the way, so visitors are expected to read and learn from the posted content on the website to ensure that their resumes are perfect. Templates come in a limited number, but all of them are well-designed and carefully created. However, you need to know which template fits your requirements and the job position you are applying to get, which is something that the company doesn’t really help with.

Prices at

As we previously said, this is a free-of-charge website. The fact that there aren’t any real services, per se, makes it obvious. But, knowing that the templates they made are completely free of charge makes it a great opportunity to test your resume-making skills and even create a good resume to apply for jobs. Since the open career page is also complimentary and free to use, this website should definitely be looked into.

Discounts/ Other Features

Since there are no prices, there are no discounts either. This resume builder is as simple as it gets, so no extra features either. If the person who handles the builder to make his own resume has a good idea as to what the resume should contain, look like, and highlight, they might find some template that will aid the process. Otherwise, they’d have to learn a lot before they use the actual builder if they want to create a focused and well-designed resume for the specific job position.

Customer Service

The help center consists of one option – FAQ section. There isn’t an email address you can write to or a phone you can call, or even a chat option for when they are available. This makes it impossible to contact the makers of the website, and it means that there’s literally no customer service at - steps

We wouldn’t say that this came as a surprise, the lack of a live chat or a phone number, but we did expect an email address when you can contact the website maker. Most websites that provide a service of some kind have such contact information in case people have troubles using the builder, in this case.

However, seeing that the builder is as simple as it gets, you probably won’t need a customer support. This isn’t like other builders where you go step by step to write different resume sections or get feedback on what to include and exclude. It simply gives you a couple of templates to choose from, and you need to fill in the already created sections of the chosen template.

Delivery on

Since there is no service to deliver, we cannot really grade or discuss the delivery time. How long you will make a resume here will depend on you, but the good news is – thanks to the limited template number and the small number of things you need to do to make a resume, it should take you minutes to get your resume finished.

Sure, that is if you are in a hurry or have a clear idea as to what you want to do with your resume. The ready templates will limit you in how you’ll organize the information you’d be presenting, so you might have some trouble with this. But, if you like a template and choose to use it, it makes for a much simpler and time-saving process.

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