PurpleCV.co.uk Review


purplecv.co.uk review
Quality 3.0
Prices 4.5
Discounts/Features 5.0
Customer Support 6.2
Delivery 2.5


  • Low quality of CV
  • Packages only
  • No urgent delivery

Purplecv.co.uk has an excellent approach toward their customers. It judges companies that deliver template cv-s and states that their service has an individual approach. Moreover, they deliver more than a cv – basically all you might be asked to send out as part of a job application.

PurpleCV.co.uk - overviewWith this in mind, we proceeded to order our full job application from purplecv.co.uk experts. This is what they came up with.

Quality and Services at PurpleCV.co.uk

Services at Purplecv.co.uk are split into categories based on how much of an experience you have. In these categories, you can find a separate offer for a CV and a package that combines CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. This makes a whole application for your job search, but it is only limited to that. You won’t be finding any follow-up letters or thank-you letters, or anything that comes after the application process on their website.

The categories are: 0-3 years, 3-10 years, 10+ years, and a Specialist CV package. The last package applies to recent PhD graduates and senior executives and it is the highest priced of them all.

We chose the third package to see what they will deliver – the 10+ years of experience package with the CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. The price was solid, though it could be cheaper due to the fact that it is sold to job seekers who search for help with getting a regular income in the first place. But, this wasn’t really the biggest problem.

The problem was the quality. For a service who speaks harshly of online templates and similar resumes, they did a poor job crafting an original application for us. The CV was fine, though it could use a bit more formatting. The biggest issue was with the cover letter. This was definitely a template and did not fit the job requirements we sent in our instructions. The LinkedIn profile was too ordinary, nothing specific or original. Most of the data there was simply copied from the CV.

PurpleCV.co.uk - packages

Prices on PurpleCV

Those with minimal experience pay the cheapest price offered by purplecv.co.uk – £25.00. The package costs £70. The rates grow steeply starting from there and they reach £175 for a specialist CV, and £195 for a specialist package.
Interestingly, the range between a single CV and package is large for most categories except for the last one. Considering that the specialist CV is the highest priced of them all, it is strange to see that the whole package is only £20 higher.

Discounts/ Other Features

Prices might not be so high, but there are also no discounts, so what you see is what you get. As for other features, there isn’t such information. There isn’t even a free revision policy, so our request for one after the delivery was instantly rejected.

Customer service

The good news is, the customer service is always available by phone. There’s no live chat at this moment, so that’s the only option you have if you want to reach them when you need them. This customer service was professional and friendly to us at first, but when we demanded a revision, they were somewhat shocked by our demand and rudely rejected it.

Basically, once their experts finish the package you order and send it to you, they cannot be bothered with whether you like it or not. This makes for a poor customer service, especially in a company that charges a solid amount of money for their assistance services.

Delivery of PurpleCV.co.uk

All of the four categories of CV-s and packages have a pre-set delivery time. The first three are delivered within 2 days, and the last one takes 5 days to be delivered. You have no choice in this matter – if it suits you, you can order. There isn’t an option to change a deadline or speed things up. However, they have a spotless delivery reputation, which is good news.

Overall, purplecv.co.uk is legit and has fine rates for job application help. Their services might not be too extensive, but they combine all you need for a job application. However, our package wasn’t half as great as promised and still, their customer service did not approve a revision request. All things considered, our opinion is that this isn’t a reliable company for those in search for quality, affordable resumes.

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