Quality 6.0
Prices 7.0
Discounts/Features 5.0
Customer Support 3.0
Delivery 6.0


  • 50% off if you subscribe to the newsletter
  • 100% interview guarantee
  • Unlimited re-write option


  • They don’t have a live chat option

Getting into the interview room for the dream job is not an easy story. One has to send the appealing enough cover letter, the perfectly curated resume and a professionally written follow-up letter. All of these hassles will give you the chance to be on the interview board only. Almost, 90% of the applicants get rejected when the HR managers take a glance at the resumes. You might have the skill but if you can’t impress the hiring team at the first glance with your resume, it’s pointless! - overview

Pro Resume Writing Services has a glorious track record of being one of the best in the industry. They are even rated as the best resume writing services in 2015. So, are they actually good enough? Let the acid test begin!

Quality of Services of Pro Resume Writing Services

The services offered by the company is pretty specific. One can get professionally written resumes, cover letter and the thank-you letter from them. Although they don’t offer to help with a LinkedIn profile or even CVs. We really wished these services will also be available as most other big names are offering them.

They boast of their experienced writers as their team of 4 writers are certified professional resume writers having almost 20 years of experienced combined together. Clients can even have one-on-one sessions to discuss the resume. Pro Resume Writing Services are also sensitive about the deadlines. They promise to deliver projects with 48 hours! You can even rush the process but you have to pay extra money. - services

We were really happy when we got the copy we ordered from Pro Resume Writing Services. The resume was extremely detail oriented. We didn’t expect that they would go through such amount of details. The previous job experiences were written vividly including the perfect industry related keywords.

Yet the resume was detailed, it didn’t look like blocks of writings only. There was enough space to balance the harmony. Such resume just cannot skip the eyes of the recruiting managers. Pricing

The pricing is a bit high we must tell. Yes, spending a bit more to get the perfect job seems fine. But then again getting resumes written by CPRW should cost high. The basic plan will cost you $199. But if you want to quicken the process and want the resume within 24 hours instead of 48 hours, you have to pay $249.

Our suggestion would be to go for the full package that comes in $299. The full package includes the resume, the cover letter and a thank-you letter for following up. Then again, if you are in a hurry, they can provide the full package within 24 hours with a cost of $349.

All the offers include unlimited re-writes and e-mail and phone support. They accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and ideal.

Discounts and Other Features

You could even get a 50% off if you subscribe to the newsletter. The payments are secured and protected by SSL and PayPal.

All the offers in Pro Resume Writing Services have an unlimited re-write option. They will do the revisions gladly if you are not satisfied with resume. Such cases would be rare as their work is nearly flawless. - features

Customer Support of

One thing is for sure, Pro Resume Writing Services is not a corporate brand rather a collaboration of 4 extremely skilled and certified resume writers. Maybe, that’s why they don’t have a live chat option. You could contact them via e-mail or you could just simply give them a phone call. They are extremely friendly and helpful.

You can inquire about everything you need to know before deciding if you should go for them.

Delivery Services

We went for the full package. The best part is that we received a ginormous discount of 50%. So, the package only cost us about $100. A truly satisfying service, we must say!

They even claim to provide 100% interview guarantee. But we think they said that just for the sake of saying. Who can give a guaranteed interview confirmation?


Without any doubt, Pro Resume Writing Services is one of the best places to go for a killer resume. They strongest suit is their writing skill. And why wouldn’t it? Not every resume writing service can give you resume written by certified professional having 20 years of experience. Overall, we would give them 9.4 out of 10 for their writing brilliance.

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