2.8 review
Quality 3.1
Prices 1.5
Discounts/Features 1.6
Customer Support 2.8
Delivery 5.1


  • No given prices
  • Do not provide refunds
  • No discounts available goes as far as to guarantee customers an interview. According to their website, if you aren’t called for an interview, they re-write your resume. This might look very appealing to those who aren’t as informed on how resume websites function but to us, it was a red flag from the very beginning.

Quality and Services of PlatinumResumes

Platinumresumes’ services include resume writing, LinkedIn profile, cover letter writing, interview coaching, and references dossier creation. It is a complete list for a job application, but still lacks the after-application services like follow-up or thank-you letters. Even so, it is a fine list.

Ordering from them was a torture based on their principle of ‘ask for a quote before you order’. So, to order and get information, we had to go through an entire lengthy ordeal of waiting for a reply by the customer service. When we got a reply and a quote, we placed our order for a resume and one for a cover letter(there isn’t such thing as a package, so you have to order services separately). - services

The resume we received was so poorly done, we could not believe the price they charge for it. The cover letter contained some spelling mistakes, which is completely unacceptable in professional settings. That’s where their offer for an ‘interview guarantee’ became much clearer and very frustrating to us. Instead of providing free revisions if the quality is poor or you find flaws in the order, the company asks you to send out your application for no less than 12 weeks and if you don’t get any interview call, then they provide a revision. They don’t refund you, but re-write the resume they previously wrote for you.

And it only applies to resumes – not the other services.

Prices at

We can’t give you specific information in regard to the prices because such is not given on the website. The only thing we can tell you is that this is a highly-priced company, especially if you want more than one of their products. Be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars for a resume without any guarantee. If it doesn’t work, you’d have to send it over and over for four months before you are entitled to a revision. After such a lengthy period, you’d probably get an interview invitation with your own resume!

Discounts/ Other Features

No other features are mentioned anywhere and discounts cannot apply to a company that has no prices. They hand out prices based on your requirements, so you might wait for a while before you actually get a quote. There’s no say to what you’ll be asked to pay, so you’ll have to wait and see for yourself.

Customer Service

A phone number is given on the site of, but they don’t work 24/7, so you might have to ring often to get an actual response. They do respond to quote requests fast, though. In our case, the customer service replied to our e-mail requesting a quote within 2 hours. This is still too long for people in a hurry, especially since many resume companies put their prices out in the clear without you having to ask for them. - contacts

Even so, the customer service was pleasant. They gave us the quote, told us how long it will take, and asked us if we want to proceed. Then, they sent an order form and pleasantly said goodbye.

But, when the actual conversation after the delivery happened, the phone agents weren’t half as nice. They used the same explanation – you have to wait for 12 weeks and we will re-write it for free, as if that was some big favor the company did its customers.

Delivery on PlatinumResumes

The delivery also depends on what the customer service will decide after they take a look at your request. They are good with timely deliveries and no comments from customers speak of missing the deadline they set for themselves.

Overall, is an expensive and unfair service. Their list is solid and delivery times are always abided by the writers, but the service quality is extremely poor. The offer for a free re-write sounds great at first, but that’s only until you realize that it is valid after four months and there’s no policy or guarantee for customer satisfaction after the order is delivered.

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