4.1 review
Quality 2.8
Prices 4.5
Discounts/Features 4.0
Customer Support 6.0
Delivery 3.1


  • Free revision within two months


  • Did not match job requirements
  • Limited list of services

If you aren’t aware that is in fact a resume service, you’ll probably think that this is a job search engine. Yes, the website is primarily focused on helping people find a job, but one huge part of it is the resume service and the packages they offer. On their website, you can search from the jobs posted, read some tips about employment and job searching, or ask one of their experts to make a package for you in return for a quote listed there. If this spiced your interest, take a look at our experience and research of

Quality and Services of

Companies of the kind offer plenty of service choices that include not only resumes, but cover letters, follow-up letters, interview coaching, etc. This one has only three options: resume only, resume and cover letter package, and resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile package. - resume services

To best determine the service quality, we selected the biggest package, the one that also includes a LinkedIn profile in addition to the resume and cover letter you send out as part of your application. In return, we got a solid resume that contained all the information we sent, but a poorly written cover letter and a vague LinkedIn profile.

The worst part about this wasn’t that we paid a lot to get this combination, but that none of the three products were specific or focused on the job requirements, and some even strayed from the industry (especially the cover letter). Our assumption based on the quality of the service was that the cover letter is based on a template that applies to all industries in general, and the LinkedIn profile was simply copied and pasted resume parts, without any additional effort from the creator.

Prices on

Considering that this is a service offered to job seekers, setting such high prices might not be the best decision a resume company can make. A single resume costs $129, regardless of your experience or the number of qualifications you need included it in. Unlike with other companies, one price applies to all at

The second option is more costly – $189 for a resume and a cover letter. And finally, our package with the three services cost incredible $345, which is almost triple the price of the resume-only service and twice the price of the second package. It appears that the LinkedIn profile is the most expensive of them all and still, they didn’t put any extra effort into ours.

Thankfully, you have the option to ask for a free revision within two months, but in our specific case, this did not yield any better results. The writer just replaced some of the information, rewrote some parts of the cover letter, and did not even touch the LinkedIn profile. And since it took him a week to do all this, we decided not to proceed by asking for new revisions.

Discounts/ Other Features

At this point, the only discount you will find on the website is $20 off the second package. Judged by others’ experiences with, this is a pre-existing discount, meaning that it is there since the beginning, which makes it an obvious marketing trick. Even with it, the prices are over the roof, especially when you take the quality they delivered to us into consideration. - features

Customer service

A contact form exists at the right corner of each page, but this is an e-mail form, meaning that it is not a non-stop service. In fact, when we used it to ask for one of their free revisions, it took them over 24 hours to reply to us via e-mail, and another week to actually deliver on their offer. The customer service is slow but professional, and they did deliver on their free revision offer. Still, it was far from a good revision.

Delivery at

Delivery offers are different for the packages. For the first and the second, you have to wait for five days to get the resume and cover letter. For the third, the delivery is two days later. There isn’t an offered option that would change this date if you need it, making it the only choice you have. - FAQs is on the resume writing market in addition to being a platform for searching jobs. However, their services turned out to be pricey and average, making it a poor choice in this sense.

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