We cannot review web services on the basis of hoax and guess. Rather than going blindly, we prefer following a specific methodology to rate these web services. We would love to share the review methodology and the criteria for you.


The first thing we take into consideration is the quality. Then we check how much vast their service range is. The more service they offer, the better they are. Moreover, we check if the web service has the basic services offered by most of the companies available in the market.


Another vital key point is the pricing policy of the company. We try to compare the pricing policy with the more popular services buyers can find online. There should always be a connection between the price and the quality of the resumes or the quality of the writers. We can tolerate higher price point if the writer is well-qualified and has some certifications.

Customer Service

Proper communication is the key win the hearts of the buyers, especially in the web-based businesses. We try to identify if the company has the live chat facility or the hotline number. Not only that but also we ensure that the customer service operator is skilled or not, or they are capable of answering all the important questions or not.


Product delivery is one of the major criteria as no good company should ever miss the deadline. When we are talking about resume writing services, missing a deadline is a synonymous failure. People are most cases go to these writing services as they don’t have the time to write it down themselves.

Discounts and Other Features

The company that offers more discounts automatically comes to the top of our list.

Obviously, better writing services will help the buyers with easier and more flexible payment system. We also verify if they have the common and the popular payments methods available for the buyers.

A user-friendly website naturally attracts customers. A shady and poor looking website fails to gain the trust of the buyers. More sophisticated the website UI is, the better they are believed to be. Moreover, better-looking websites ensure returning customers and guarantee of more referrals.

So, these are the major criteria that we take into consideration more. Apart from these we also check their SEO strategy, whether they have dedicated blog section or not, if they have any special and unique feature. In short, we never post reviews without doing proper research and testing the service by ourselves as we know how much impact a review has on the web services.