Lessons I Learned From Using a Free Resume Builder

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Resume writing is usually a long and mind-boggling experience. You can invest hours of work into it and still end up with a below-average CV that doesn’t really highlight your skills and professional capabilities. This is a huge problem because 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume.

On average, companies receive 50 to 75 resumes for each skilled position and up to 300 for customer-service and entry-level positions. What does it mean? To put it simply, it means you need to make sure that your biography looks amazing.

Since most people can’t craft a quality resume single-handedly, they use free resume builders. This made me curious, so I decided to test these tools by myself. I tested several different apps and here are the lessons I learned from using a free resume builder.

Pros of Free Resume Builders

Using a resume builder has its own advantages and disadvantages, so I divided the post into two different segments. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, so let’s begin with the benefits:

  1. Professional templates

Resume builders use quality templates that seem beautiful and professional. You don’t have to worry about creating your own custom design because you can rely on existing and up to date formats. This eliminates most of the work applicants usually invest in making a CV, so you can focus on more important details such as pointing out your skills and qualities.

  1. Free of charge

Okay, this may not be the biggest benefit of using a resume maker, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. After all, why would you hire a professional CV writer when you can simply use a free tool to complete the same task? This way, you can test multiple versions free of charge and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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  1. Clear guidelines

Another benefit of using a free resume builder is that you get clear and intuitive guidelines. Most of these tools ask you a wide range of questions, so you only need to follow their instructions, give accurate answers, and select items from the drop down menu. This sets you free from brainstorming as you just have to state the facts.

  1. Reminds you of your skills

One of the best things about CV makers is the fact that they encourage you to remember every job or activity you’ve ever done throughout the career. It’s a genuine privilege because most people forget a number of small but important details from their professional lives. This is not only good for your resume, but it also serves as a confidence booster and makes you proud of your achievements.

  1. Easy to update personal information

You shouldn’t consider resume writing to be a one-time activity, but rather a lifelong experience. Bearing this in mind, it is good to know that automatic CV builders enable you to change and update personal information very simply. Changes usually require nothing more than a few mouse clicks, so you can refresh your bio within seconds.

  1. Multiple choices

Almost every resume builder comes with an entire portfolio of different formats. Some focus on the most important career facts exclusively, while others allow you to describe less relevant details, which is great for individuals who don’t have too much work experience. It’s a versatile playground for CV creators and everyone can find the right template for their applications.

  1. Accuracy

Since most of the input fields are strictly determined, you cannot improvise too much. In other words, you can hardly make a mistake because resume builders maximize the simplicity of the process.

  1. Save time

Individuals who tailor unique resumes spend at least a few hours doing it, while some of them need even more time to get the job done perfectly. But if you use a digital tool, you can make a quality CV within minutes.

  1. Proofreading

Proofreading is the last advantage of using a free resume builder. First of all, such tools eliminate most of the manual work and you cannot make too many mistakes. Secondly, some apps come with a pre-built proofreading system that discovers spelling and grammar issues, thus helping you keep the document well-polished and error-free.

Cons of Free Resume Builders

Now that you’ve seen numerous advantages of using a free resume builder, you need to understand the shortcomings, too. Let’s see the most common disadvantages:

  1. Difficult to customize

Although you get a broad portfolio of CV templates, sometimes you want to customize a resume to make it ideal. Free resume builders make this process a lot more difficult because it takes time and skills to tailor the existing product.

  1. All resumes look the same

If you don’t want or don’t have time to tailor the final document, you just have to stick to it. This is not bad, but your CV will look the same as other resumes if other candidates are using the same tool. It’s a big problem in terms of positions demanding a fair share of creativity. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to design a unique resume in case you are competing for a high-level role.

  1. Layout gaps

Another problem comes in the form of layout gaps. What seems to be the issue here? Well, professionals who don’t have a long work history or enough education may be forced to leave some fields empty. This makes a huge layout gap that definitely doesn’t look good in the eyes of an average recruiter, so you better give your best to rearrange input fields and make the CV more appealing.


Creating a CV can be a daunting and painful process if you are not a professional writer. Using a free resume builder seems like a perfectly reasonable solution in this case, but I decided to test it and learn the pros and cons of such tools. In this article, I showed you the lessons I learned from using a free resume builder. I hope these insights will make it easier for you to create a CV, but feel free to let me know in comments if you need any additional explanations.

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