Quality 9.8
Prices 9.8
Discounts/Features 9.0
Customer Support 9.5
Delivery 9.8


  • Free plan
  • Resume scanning
  • Fast result


  • No discounts is a simple to use, yet advanced tool that helps people determine how well-crafted their resumes are. We opened their website with the goal of determining how well this software works, to see whether it comes at a cost, and check the quality of service provides. Let’s begin. - overview

Quality and Services on Jobscan

There are plenty of things you can do on the website. Firstly, visitors can use the free plan to scan their resume and access a match rate calculator. There’s also the option to compare keywords, provide some guidelines, and simply tell you what needs to be done to make the resume at least 80% compatible with the job description uploaded.

In addition to the free plan, there are also paid plans that, interestingly enough also include optimization of LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, matching job access, ATS-specific tips, etc. Paid plans give visitors access to unlimited calculations of the same kind as the free plan, but a myriad of other services and options too, most of which include free eBooks, tips and templates.


This makes defining the site a bit complicated for us. This is not a resume service in the sense that they write resumes, but a helping website that aids with already written resumes. Their free plan is rather limited, but includes several good offers. The paid plans have much more to give.

Prices at

A free service only applies to job seekers, while there is an entire paid system for businesses. First, let’s discuss the job seekers’ system on JobScan. - prices

The free plan is free always, so there’s no limitation as to how long you can use it. There is, however, limitation on how much you can use it. Usage is limited to five match rate calculations and five keyword comparisons per month. The scan history is limited to twenty entries, and visitors can also access the learning center and resume manager on the website.

It’s a nice offer but, considering that you’ll probably want to compare the resume to more than five job postings, we also checked the paid plans. The first is a one-month free plan which can be used after the trial. It applies to a timeframe of 3 months after the trial and costs $89.95. After those three months, all future months cost $49.95. They include the same amount of features which are listed there on the Plans page.

Considering that people visit this website to get help in landing a job, using the last option would probably mean that the scanner isn’t working that well. If you don’t get a job after a free trial of a month and extra paid three months, we don’t see a reason to continue paying to get the resume scanned.

The businesses plans are part of the ‘career coaches’ category. They are much more costly: $99 per month or $999 per year. They include the similar list as that of the job seekers’ plans.

Discounts/ Other Features

This unusual list of prices and services for a company that helps scan resume and job posts did not give us any indication that we should be expecting discounts. The features were already more than the expected, and there isn’t anything extra you can add to the packages.

Customer Service at

Every website that has a pricing list needs to also have a customer service to handle questions and concerns by potential and actual customers. In fact, all websites should have contact information, especially if they provide something for the visitors. In this case, the website provides help with scanning and evaluating a resume, and with their priced options, there simply must be a customer service. - process

And there is. It isn’t ideal because it takes too long to get a response, but it is of fine quality. The person who responded to our question was kind and professional, and also very informative.


There isn’t anything to deliver here since they have no real products to offer. The process of scanning and evaluating is automated and very fast, so it takes minutes to see the results. Thanks to the free version, we got some idea as to what we would receive if we paid for the extra features.

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