EmploymentBoost.com Review


Quality 5.6
Prices 5.8
Discounts/Features 6.0
Customer Support 6.0
Delivery 5.4


  • Unprofessional customer support
  • No unified process
  • Many mistakes

It is hard to find professional and certified resume writers to get all the papers you need for your future (and sometimes current job search). There are hundreds of companies offering a quality service, but only a few are capable to supply everything. If you were browsing in Google and found this article you are probably interested in EmploymentBoost.com team and would like to learn more about the service, they provide.


According to their website, the team is working on the market for several years and already delivered hundreds of resumes including Fortune 500 resume to one of their clients. It’s great that they have such an outstanding experience, yet, we are willing to check everything from the services they provide and delivery process to the quality of papers you can get from them. We touch customer service and prices as well since without knowledge about these cornerstones you won’t be ready for challenges you may face while getting an online help.

Quality and Services of EmploymentBoost.com

Services this team provide can be subdivided into three main categories:

Resume Writing – includes several types of resumes, like entry-level resumes, professional ones, executive level and of course government level, it also includes CV writing for the people who chose science as the main occupation.

Profiles and letters service – you can order a cover letter, LinkedIn profile assistance and a pitch for the ones who are looking for the more creative cover letter. Unfortunately, there is no thank you letter writing service (as a separate service of course).

Career Advisory Services – like interview coaching, career development, and job search advisory sessions.
Additionally, for the basic services, this team set up an outplacement package which is aimed to reduce the price and make your job search more successful.

EmploymentBOOST.com services

As you see EmploymentBoost.com provides almost everything needed for the job search and successful employment which is good but are these services of a needed quality? Let’s check it!

We have placed an order at this team and picked the first outplacement package which included resume writing, LinkedIn profile review, and correction, cover and thank you letter, as well as 45 days of support.

Unfortunately, we have not found any information regarding the time frames when the first draft will be delivered, but we hoped to get it soon. In a day we had been contacted by a representative who conducted a basic interview to find several details about our Diana Doe. And in three days (it is a normal time frame for the writing service) we got the first draft. The quality was okay, yet, it was not outstanding – we asked for several minor changes to polish the paper up. The same was with the LinkedIn profile, cover and thank you letters. If you are looking for the none creative position these resume and cover letter will work.

Prices at EmploymentBoost.com

A trustworthy resume writing service will never be cheap and quality service won’t be cheap too. We think this team has a little bit expensive prices but it’s okay since you still getting a quality service.

employmentboost.com pricesA cover letter here costs $30, entry level resume starts at $159, but if you are looking for an executive level service be ready to spend $269 for a basic package. Their all-in-one packages allow to spend less on resume writing and LinkedIn profile set up, still, you will need to invest $500+ in your writing package.

Discounts and Other Features

There are a couple of discounts you can find on the website, but they are working only with some basic requests. If you decided to pick a package – the discount won’t work since the package already has a discounted price. Moreover, each package includes nice features like revisions and support during the job search. The company had a money back guarantee.

Customer service on EmploymentBoost

Unfortunately, customer service here is available only Monday-Friday during business hour. Yet, you can always email them. Online chat and phone support are also presented on the website. It is possible to visit one of the company offices as well.


The delivery process here depends on the type of service you pick. If you need writing, it may take from 3 to 6 business days depending on your requirements. If you are looking for coaching or other job search help you are scheduling consultations. If you need something basic – it takes less time. So there is no unified process for all types of papers and services, but everything is clearly explained on the website.

The overall experience we had with EmploymentBoost.com is okay, except the fact that they are a little bit expensive, papers they deliver may be a little more creative and their support is working only during business hours.

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