Quality 4.8
Prices 3.0
Discounts/Features 4.0
Customer Support 5.8
Delivery 5.1


  • No revision policy
  • Many extra paid features
  • Awful writing

Everyone knows that resumes are an essential part of getting a job, a scholarship, an internship, or get your spot at an academic institution of your choice. If you do this part perfectly, you then have to go through the remaining phases of the process, such as the interview, as well as send several pieces of content that describe you as the best candidate out of the many who have applied.

Thankfully for all those who cannot go through this process on their own, whether it is because of their lack of writing skills or small experience in handling such a complex matter, there are companies that offer to aid the entire process. is one of the many, so the goal of this review is to see whether they can really help you, or they’d just be a waste of your time and money.

Quality and Services at

The site named has plenty to offer, even a bit too much for a person who is in a hurry to get resume help. The articles and e-tutorials there are really helpful and come in an enormous number. Strangely enough, when it comes to the services they actually offer, there is very little explanation.

At first sight, it appears that the company offers only resume writing, as well as advice for resume writing and interview. But, each of their four types of resume writing services (student and entry level, professional and mid-career, executive, and federal and military) can come accompanied with a set of extra paid features, making for an entire package.

For example, in addition to your entry level resume, you can choose to get a cover letter, biography, additional objective or job target, and an interview follow-up letter.

Prices of CareerPerfect Service

You are looking at a really pricey service. Even the separate resume writing service is expensive, not to mention the extras you can select as their customer. For example, an existing resume editing service costs $139 for the lowest level – entry level, and an actually new written resume costs $179.95. In package with a cover letter, a resume for this level comes at a price of $229.95. services

Keep in mind that these prices are the cheapest found on the site and the rates only go upward from here. Based on the type of resume services you need, you’ll be asked to pay hundreds of dollars, and if you choose some extras, the price goes even higher.

Discounts/ Other Features

Don’t be expecting discounts. The special features come in the form of packages such as the one we mentioned above. The only way to get a better rate is to get one of those packages. If you choose to add extras to your order, this will most likely result in you paying a fortune for an application.

Customer Service on CareerPerfect

For the payments the company demands, we expected to see a non-stop service or at least a phone number where you can reach them if you have troubles with your order. However, has work hours from Monday to Friday, meaning that you cannot really reach them if you need them urgently.

CareerPerfect contactsMoreover, they don’t have a live chat option, so even if you want to get in touch with them directly, you’d have to call their contact center during work hours and work days.


Delivery turned out to be a problem in our case. The company clearly stated the number of days they need to prepare our rather expensive resume package, but they failed to mention that in those days, the weekend is excluded. So, we ended up getting the package two days later.

Regarding the actual resume, we weren’t all that pleased with the work they did on ours. The resume was clearly written by using a template and in some instances, there were even mistakes in placing the information we sent beforehand.


While the website is extremely helpful and filled with e-tutorials and finely written articles, this company does not come highly recommended because of their high pricing and poor customer service. For a company that aids people in their application processes, the quality of resumes is not exactly as you’d expect when you pay hundreds for it, and you cannot really do anything to repair this because the company has no revision policy in place.

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