Quality 5.5
Prices 6.1
Discounts/Features 5.5
Customer Support 5.4
Delivery 5.0


  • Do not meet deadlines
  • No discount
  • Number of mistakes looks like a top professional company with a corporate-style design on their website. It feels like you are visiting the main website of a huge corporation, with many high quality pictures and detailed information, including success stories. As we tested the website, it loads very fast and we could find immediately what we were looking for. We consider their website and content a little too complex for a resume/CV writing company.

The company promises that they have certified professional resume writers who will work directly with you for each order you place. They start the process with a one-on-one consultation with a US-based expert. They also feature a “trusted brands trust us” section, where you can see different top leading company logos displayed as sort of an advertisement or reference. We invested quality time and efforts into reviewing this company for you, so let’s see our findings.

Quality and services of

We like to thoroughly test everything, so we decided to place an order with this company. We asked for a cover letter and an executive style resume. Indeed, we had a consultation phase with a professional, but we are not sure if our resume was written by such an expert. We were disappointed by the quality of the resume we received. The document lacked a nice editing, and proofreading was also missing in some points. We found quite a few mistakes, and we consider that the cover letter did not contain corporate style language and expressions.

They advertise a wide range of services and these include: professional resumes, executive resumes, executive biography writing, Academic CV, Federal resume writing, technology management resumes, LinkedIn profile writing, resume website content writing, cover letters, interview coaching, technical resume and career coaching.

Prices at

They have cover letters starting at $59, entry-level resumes at $148, professional writing at $249 and Executive (presidents, CEOs and C level executives) writing at $299. pricesWe could say that the prices might seem reasonable, but we already know the quality provided. We ordered the most expensive executive level writing, and we shouldn’t have paid more than $50 for the entire work. Therefore, we consider these prices in reality very high, considering the basic type of quality they offer. They don’t display any other prices, but you need to ask separately what your paper will cost if you need a Management resume for example.

Discounts/Other Features

This company does not offer any discounts. They have set somewhat reasonable prices, but they do not offer any 10% or 20% discounts or free features such as editing, proofreading or free analysis of your old resume. They have a few samples that you can check out, but rest assured that the quality provided by them does not reflect the quality of these samples.

Customer service contactsThe company advertises great customer service, but we have to say the opposite.

Indeed, they picked up the phone when we called but we couldn’t get all the information that we needed. The customer care representative was constantly referring us to the main page, that we should find there all the information we need. We told them we called because we need quick guidance with how to place an order and we wanted to find out the price.

The expert told us the cost but repeated he cannot help us placing an order because there are just too many requests on hold.

Delivery on CapstoneResumes

When we placed our order, we were told that the resume will arrive to our inbox by the requested deadline. We checked the inbox several times on the day of the deadline, but nothing was there. We even checked the next day, and still not resume available. This is when we called again and they told us that we should wait for another couple of days until our order is ready. We consider this unacceptable, because we clearly told them we need that document within 2 days. In our opinion, they do not respect deadlines, let alone extremely urgent deadlines such as 6 hours or 12 hours deadlines.

All in all, we consider you should keep searching for another reputable resume service. You want to put your career in the hands of someone that can truly craft a high quality resume or CV.

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